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Me and my mum, circa 1959ish!

On these pages, I want to talk about what I believe and why I believe it.

My beliefs have been shaped by my upbringing in  Glasgow, my travels and experiences since then and the folk I've met along the way.

Both my parents come from the Isle Of Lewis, of the North West coast of Scotland, a wonderful place.  They both speak Gaelic as a first language.  Some of my fondest childhood memories are of our long annual summer holidays in Lewis.

Currently, I live in Lossiemouth in the north east of Scotland.

My dad, in the same garden! 1990ish.

As well as my mum and dad, I have 3 brothers, I'm the oldest, then there is Alastair (married to Melissa, with a son Ethan), then Norman (married to Tina, with a son Dylan) and finally the youngest and tallest of us all is Donald (living with Yvonne)!



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