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"you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows" Bob Dylan, Subteranian Homesick Blues, 1965.

Angus launches a weather balloon (known as a radiosonde) in a unusually warm and wind free Falkland islands.

But it helps, and it keeps me in a job!


So, these links here are for fun and for general interest only.

Eventually I hope to add interesting weather photos as well.

Euro WX is links to sites of interest with European weather charts, etc

S Atlantic WX, is links to sites of interest with S Atlantic, S American and Antarctica weather charts, etc.

Places I've worked is most of the locations I've been fortunate enough to have worked at and visited through my career.


My main sources of interesting info are:-

The Weather Underground, useful actual reports from around the world, with an American bias.

Unisys, a strong American bias, but lots of model products.

Wetterzentrale, from the University of Karlsruher with, obviously a heavy German/European bias, but loads of good stuff and links.

Westwind is also a very good source of links, over 6,000 for Europe!

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