Whatever happened to "angystuff"??...

Some folk have asked what happened to my homepage(s).

Well, here is a sobering tale of what lurks out there......

As my geocities homepage(s) grew and grew, I decided on having my own domain for me and my stuff and so “angystuff” was born. Doing it on the cheap, “” was launched on an unsuspecting world late one night in 2002.

The original (and very cheap – at the time) site hosts proved to be rubbish, once they had my money, no contact, no replies to emails, servers down all the time etc etc….

I did try and transfer my site to better, UK based, operators, but it was more bother than it was worth last year I thought I’d let it expire and then claim it anew, but…

….then, as a final blow, the discussion board (one of their freebie features) was hijacked by Islamic Extremists (I kid you not!) read about it here

Then, before I knew it, my registration had expired and been bought up by a new owner, a “” and you can read about his operations here What a shady character and operation!

The links and info now on “” is from, amongst others, search engine/advertising/browser high-jacking dodgy sites such as and and others. AVOID SUCH SITES AS BEST YOU CAN, THEY ARE WORSE THAN USELESS.

In the meantime I’m off to dream up a newer neater bigger better “angystuff” somewhere, sometime, soon….



PS If you have any queries or questions, E-mail me.






from the Met Office

from CNN