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Angus visiting Falklands battlefields by  pony (poor pony, I hear you say!)

In the highly unlikely event of me winning the lottery (well, I'd have to buy a ticket .... and that's pretty unlikely in the first place!).  I'd be severely tempted to pack a rucksack and head off, in no particular direction, with a platinum credit card in my back pocket for the odd decent hotel (and a warm bath!), and just see where the mood takes me from day to day.

So there will be favorite guides and travel links and a few photos from past trips here......eventually!

In the meantime, have a look at Gavin's awesome pictures from a recent flight south of the Falklands....

There are many minefields in the Falklands, left over from the Argentinean invasion.

P.S. I should warn you, I have 100's of penguin photographs......

yipee! says Mr Penguin...............

Travel, getting around Germany

RAC euro route finder, for planning trips to the UK etc.
Falk German route planner, in German, but better maps.


Deutche Bahn train times, in English, covers all of Europe and is easier to use for the UK than the Railtrack one!

Expo 2000

The official Expo 2000 Hannover site, in English.

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