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Falkland photos


Below are a few photos from the Falklands.  As my scanner is playing up again, all the photos here at the moment are courtesy of my colleague Gavin Geddes and his digital camera! Thanks, Gavin.

Click on thumbnails for the bigger picture.


ICEBERG HUNTING in a RAF C130, South of the Falkland Islands

Dscf0034.jpg (156562 bytes)     Dscf0042.jpg (220102 bytes)

Found it! Awesome, eh? It was about 40 miles across!

Dscf0069.jpg (235987 bytes)

And a deserted South Georgia whaling station!

Dscf0052.jpg (148823 bytes)

There is a brilliant book about South Georgia you can buy.

All pictures copyright2000 Gavin Geddes.

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