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Dampf-Kleinbahn Mühlenstroth

Below are some scenes from the Dampf-Kleinbahn Mühlenstroth, near Gütersloh. It is a short circular museum line built by enthusiasts in 1972.

Captions will follow, once I've translated my book with my pidgin German!

This page is still under construction.please check back later.

This plan is from the official homepage, which is all in German, but it gives you an idea of this very big boys big train set, the circle/main line gives about a Kilometer long run.

There is something about the smell of steam and hot oil, as these 600mm gauge trains shunt back and forwards on this small line, an ideal place to enjoy an ice cream or a beer and savour the atmosphere of a bygone age.


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This page was last updated on 10/03/00.


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