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Sometimes folk express surprise at some of the books I'll read, or films I'll watch as a professing Christian, too much swearing, too much immorality or violence.  My defence, such as it is, is that in the books I've enjoyed (and subsequently recommend)  the swearing etc is a relevant part of the story, the characterisation requires it, it's not gratuitous.  These are stories that tell life as it is, no rose tinted version.  As a Christian I see a different way out for these characters and their problems than the story line will often allow,  but these are the problems that your non-Christian friends and family face and in that sense it helps to understand their lives and the options that they see. 


On the books page you'll be able to find out which books are piled high on my bedside table (theology on the left, novels on the right), my coffee table (picture books and non-fiction) and in the toilet (mostly short stories!)........


Other recent book reviews.


What soaps have had me engrossed on TV (I'm a complete Coronation Street fan...even got a map of Weatherfield....)


And, what records (I'm still a vinyl junkie!) and CDs I've been listening too..


The TV in English page will list the upcoming films that will be shown in English on German TV, I hope to update this fortnightly, and link them to reviews, etc.


The Cinema page will list upcoming films to be shown in English in local cinemas, this I hope to update weekly.


The latest Film news from the Guardian


The above two will be maintained depending on feedback and interest........................... 



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My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.






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