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Govanhill Free Church

  • Govanhill Free Church is one of the Glasgow congregations of the Free Church of Scotland.
  • I was baptised (40ish years ago!) as a baby there.
  • I still have fond memories of Sunday School there, learning the 23rd Psalm verse by verse, learning the Shorter Catechism, and so on!
  • My parents still attend, having lived close by for almost all their married lives.


On 26th November 1905, at the request of local Free Church people, services were started in the Dixon Halls in Govanhill. A church building was opened on 5th June 1910 and two years later the first minister was settled. Since then the Govanhill Congregation has sought to cater for Free Church folks over a wide area of the south side of the city and currently also seeks to exercise an evangelistic ministry to Jews and Gentiles (including those of Asian origin) resident in the Govanhill area.

Church located at 26 Belleisle Street, off Allison Street, near Cathcart Road.


Minister: Rev Kenny Boyd

Sunday Services: 11.00 am and 6.30 pm.

Midweek Meetings: Wednesday 7.30 pm.

Sunday School: 11.00 am.

Bible Class: 6.30 pm.

Communions: 1st Sunday in April and 1st in October, (others, four times a year, as announced locally).

Other Meetings:

Home Bible Studies - usually 2nd Thursday of each month in Cathcart and Govanhill, 7.30 pm;

Missionary Meetings - usually 1st Thursday of each month, 7.30 pm;

Prayer Meeting for Jewish work, 3rd Tuesday of each month at 77 Carnwath Avenue, 7.45 pm.

This page was last updated on 10/05/02 .

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