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St Peters, Peters Street (of Perth Road), Dundee

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find it here on this map

St Peter's was built in 1876 as a Church Extension charge and Rev Robert Murray McCheyne became the first minister. Following McCheyne's death in 1843 the congregation came out with the Free Church and purchased the building. In 1900 the congregation joined the Union and in the subsequent Union in 1929 the building reverted to the Church of Scotland. The building became redundant in 1982 when St Peter's united with the McCheyne Memorial. In 1987 the Wellgate Free Church congregation purchased the building, which includes external halls and a flat.

St Peters is the Dundee Congregation of the Free Church Of Scotland.

It's current minister is David Robertson.

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David,Annabel and the kids.

 David is a man of many opinions!

The Church offices can be reached. here.

 David Robertson recently had a traumatic experience with his children, while in America, his story of the events that unfolded then and how they have strengthened his faith in God is told hereDavid concludes his piece, "Life is fragile and brief.  For all of us.  May each one of us use every moment we have been given to live it to the glory of God".  Amen, to that!      


Sunday, 11am (with Sunday School) and 6.30pm.

Wednesday, 7.30pm.

Communions: 4th Sunday in February, April. June. August, October and December


This page was last updated on 10/05/02 .

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