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Cole Abbey, London

When I lived and worked in Stansted (1984-86), just outside London, I regularly attended Cole Abbey Church in central London. 

The minister in those days was John Nicholls, who now works for London City Mission, an organisation with which the congregation (and denomination) continue to have strong ties. 

Cole Abbey is now the London congregation of the Free Church of Scotland.  


The Free Church through its Home Missions Committee began to hold services in London in 1949. The congregation was sanctioned and in 1954 the Rev Hector Cameron was called as minister (my mum & dad were married in London in the 50's, at that time  the Free Church of Scotland Ministers were not allowed to legally marry folk in England, so they also had a registry office ceremony!). 

The congregation has worshipped in its present building since 1981. It sets out to be an evangelistic witness to all it can reach, to propagate the Reformed Presbyterian Faith in England, and to provide a warm family fellowship for Christians from all over the world who come to London. Several summer missions have been held, and close links have been formed with Providence House, a Christian youth centre in a deprived area. About 60% of the present members come from countries other than Scotland.

Cole Abbey has only been the home of the London congregation of the Free Church of Scotland since 1981.

The site dates back to before 1144, the current building was the first church rebuilt by Christopher Wren after the great fire of London (1666).  The church was gutted by fire again during the 2nd World War blitzes of  1941.  It was subsequently restored in 1962.

Details and Services

The congregation is known as Cole Abbey Presbyterian Church and worships in the
Church of St Nicholas Cole Abbey, 114 Queen Victoria Street, EC4, near St Paul's
Cathedral. Tel: 0171 248 5213. Underground stations: Mansion House and St Paul's.

Minister: vacant (Rev John M MacPherson has just retired but his assistant Rev Kenny Boyd is still there) 

Services: 11.00 am and 6.30 pm; Prayer Meeting, 6.00 pm.

Midweek Meetings: Lunch time Preaching Service, Wednesday 1.05 pm; Prayer Meeting,
Thursday 7.00 pm.

Sunday School: 11.00 am.

Communions: As intimated, approximately every 3 months.

Other Meetings: Study Group, District House Meetings, Preaching Rallies (second Saturday of month), Fellowship Lunches (third Sunday of month). Phone for details.

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