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 16 March 2000


As promised, to some of you out there, a brief review of the Alternative Allstars recent concert in Gütersloh, at the Weberei.  The tour featured 4 bands.

First on were reamon, a band from Southern Germany.  They sing in English and their style is very much indy/alternative.  I really enjoyed their set. There are some MP3 downloads on their site (which is all in German).

Next up were DNL, a 4-some heavy metal/industrial band from Wüppertal, somewhat in the style of Rammstein (another German heavy metal band). Not my sort of thing, but my feet were tapping and most of the crowd loved it, the place was jumping, well a lot of folk were diving off the stage................

But the biggest cheers of the night were reserved for the Alternative Allstars!  A local band, their exciting blend of rock and pop, mostly in English, went down a storm before their home crowd.  Their last single "Rock on" (and it's video) was very successful in the German VIVA and VIVA ZWEI charts.

Gary, of the alternative Allstars.

Last on, were the Guano Apes, another German band, this time from Göttingen. They have been described as a "German Garbage"  Although all the songs were in German, the similarities were obvious, high quality, powerful, well performed indy/alternative music, with a charismatic female vocalist fronting the band, brilliant stuff!

Sandra Nasic, lead singer of the Guano Apes

And so, after an excellent evening of music, me and my friends wandered home.... with special thanks to my friend Brigitta who got me my ticket!

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